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Our Story

Glasnevin Irish Whiskey is a boutique whiskey brand based in Dublin, Ireland. Named for the welcoming streets of one of the oldest and most picturesque neighbourhoods in Dublin 9, Glasnevin Irish Whiskey stands on a commitment to quality and history, spreading both with every sip.

Produced with passionate whiskey drinkers in mind, Glasnevin Irish Whiskey offers both whiskey aficionados – and those who simply appreciate the quintessential Irish drink – exceptional flavour that can transport you back decades or even centuries in Irish history. It’s a connection between Ireland and the rest of the world, linking her people with her diaspora, her past with her present.

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Glasnevin Irish Whiskey Products

Of  utmost  importance  at  Glasnevin  Irish  Whiskey  is  the  quality  of  the  product.

From  the  single malt selection to the cask aging, every decision is made with the goal of producing the smoothest whiskey possible.  

Single Malt Triple-Distilled

Artist's Muse

Rich, smooth and well-rounded, this single malt is triple-distilled for a purity and flavour that once tasted, is never forgotten. It draws on the timeless artistry of Ireland’s most famous writers, musicians, painters and poets, whose beautiful work is revered around the world.

Premium Blend

Rebel's Choice

Our premium blend is inspired by the courage and conviction of Ireland’s most famous rebels, who fought for Ireland’s freedom through the ages. This combination of malt, grain and peated whiskey is crafted by our master blender, and just like its inspiration, it has its own distinct, fiery, and utterly unforgettable personality.

Single Malt Triple-Distilled

Visionary's Comfort

Filled with fine flavour and scented with evocative aromas, this single malt, double-distilled whiskey offers comfort and no  small amount of courage to  those of a rebellious temperament.

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The Process

Distilling and aging are two of the most critical processes in making whiskey, and can take a whiskey from average to exceptional. Glasnevin Irish Whiskey is triple-distilled, and aged for between three and five  years, ensuring exceptional taste  from start to finish.  

We import seasoned American oak bourbon barrels from Kentucky, capable of holding up to 200 litres of Glasnevin Irish Whiskey.  

Introducing our

Whiskey Range

Filled with fine flavour and scented with evocative aromas, the single malt, double-distilled whiskey  offers  comfort  and  no  small  amount  of  courage  to  those  of  a  rebellious  temperament.

Rich, smooth and boldly-flavoured, this single malt is triple-distilled for an unrivalled purity, drawing on the artistry of Ireland’s most famous scribes and bards, whose beautiful words echo around the world. 
Our finest blend is inspired by the courage and conviction of one of Ireland’s most famous daughters,  Countess  Markievicz.  This  premium  combination  of  malt,  grain  and  peated  whiskey is crafted by our master blender in honour of her legacy. 

whiskey maker

The Man Behind the Whiskey

Mihai Cozmin arrived in Ireland from his native Romania in 1999, in search of better opportunities and without a word of English. Through grit and determination honed in his early years as an amateur athlete, he worked his way through the IT security industry, eventually achieving master’s level qualifications and managing a global team for a large multinational company. Shortly after arriving in Ireland, Mihai quickly fell in love with the tree-lined streets of Glasnevin, where his young children attended school.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

Mark Twain

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