Artist’s Muse – 5 Years Old Single Malt


The Artists Muse is rich, smooth and well-rounded, this single malt is triple-distilled for a purity and flavour that once tasted, is never forgotten. It draws on the timeless artistry of Ireland’s most famous writers, musicians, painters and poets whose beautiful work is revered around the world.

Nose: Sweet, nice complexity from the Triple Distilled spirits. Rounded maturity from first-fill American Oak.
Taste: Gentle sweetness, “fruity-woody” elements from the casks, lovely malt notes and a “roundness” from the time spent in the oak casks.
Finish: Sweetness, well-balanced easy-drinking whiskey.
Overall: This is a Single Malt specifically designed to be enjoyed on its own (though it can be enjoyed with a mixer as well). The American Oak gives flavour and colour to the Whiskey and avoids the need for any artificial colouring.


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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30 cm