Our Process


Our Origins

We understand that the story of good whiskey begins with its terroir. For this reason, we source the grains for Glasnevin Irish Whiskey from prime agricultural land such as Ireland’s Golden Vale.

Recognised since Prehistoric times for its plentiful bounty, the Vale’s rolling pastures are bounded by majestic mountains and lush valleys.

Our premium malted Irish barley is grown in fertile fields under the watchful eyes of multi-generational crop farmers, for whom quality is a way of life.

Our Heritage

Glasnevin Irish Whiskey is distilled in a single location to ensure the delicate process is overseen by experts with many years of experience and training. We choose to work with one of the most reputable distilleries in Ireland, internationally renowned for excellence in its field.

This renowned distillery operates pot stills and columns, capitalising on centuries of distilling and brewing history in the area, and drawing on some of the clearest water from the nearby Cooley Mountains.

Glasnevin Irish Whiskey
Glasnevin Irish Whiskey

Our Process

Distilling and aging are two of the most critical processes in making whiskey, and can take a bottle from average to exceptional. Glasnevin Irish Whiskey is triple-distilled, and aged for three years or more, ensuring a smooth taste from start to finish. We use the best quality American oak casks, capable of holding up to 200 litres of Glasnevin Irish Whiskey. Our whiskey is further matured in various other casks, including sherry and bourbon, improving the finished flavour.

As our whiskey ages in these barrels, the deep, complex aromas and the soft, smoky scent imbue the spirit with an evocative flavour, blending the best of American and Irish whiskey traditions.

"The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude.”

James Joyce

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