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Of  utmost  importance  at  Glasnevin  Irish  Whiskey  is  the  quality  of  the  product. From  the  single malt selection to the cask aging, every decision is made with the goal of producing the smoothest whiskey possible.  

Single Malt Triple Distilled

Artist's Muse

Rich, smooth and boldly-flavoured, this single malt is triple-distilled for an unrivalled purity. It draws on the artistry of Ireland’s most famous scribes and bards, whose beautiful words echo around the world.

Premium Blend

Rebel's Choice

Our premium blend is inspired by the courage and conviction of Ireland’s most famous rebels, who valiantly fought for Ireland’s freedom through the ages. This combination of malt, grain and peated whiskey is crafted by our master blender. Just like its inspiration, it has its own distinct, fiery, and utterly unforgettable personality.

Single Malt Triple Distilled

Visionary's Comfort

Filled with fine flavour and scented with evocative aromas, this single malt, double-distilled whiskey offers comfort and no small amount of courage to those of a rebellious temperament.